Developing Fire Service Careers

Operation ReachBack provides valuable information to help you become a firefighter. Becoming a firefighter often takes a great deal of long-term preparation, self-motivation, and commitment. While there is no guarantee that these qualifications will result in your selection as an entry-level firefighter, experience has shown that they tend to distinguish outstanding candidates, and validate their interest in the profession.

  • Physical Preparedness

    • To Prepare for firefighting work, it is important to have and maintain a physical fitness program. Design a program that stresses endurance and total body strength to help you achieve a level of physical preparedness needed to succeed in agility performance testing for a firefighter position.

  • Developing a Strong Record

    • Candidates most prepared for a career in the fire service have a history of volunteer fire service work and community involvement. Operation Reachback provides those interested in a fire service career with information and resources that will enable them to develop a strong and consistent record around community and volunteer service work.


Volunteer Fire Service Work

Volunteer work and community involvement programs does establish a record of interest and motivation. Contact your local fire department to inquire and participate in the following:

  • Reserve Programs

  • Auxiliary Programs

  • California Conservation Corps

  • Salary and Wages


Salary and Wages

Salary schedules very depending upon the fire department type, size and location of employment. Entry salary for the various positions can range from $4,500 to $7,500 per month. There are excellent benefits involved including medical, dental, and retirement plans.